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Thursday, June 18, 2009
  • Why Facebook Won't Fail

    Yesterday OMD ran a commentary titled "Why Facebook Will Fail." More than a few people didn't agree. At least nobody tried to say, it's ... Read the whole story

  • Web Analytics Increasing In Importance has begun relying on Unica NetInsight OnDemand to analyze site visitor behavior and create relevant marketing programs. The sports Web property on MSN ... Read the whole story

  • Bing Search Numbers Rise, But Not At Google's Expense

    Microsoft continues to grow shares of Internet searches for a second straight week after introducing its new search engine Bing, comScore reports Wednesday. No ... Read the whole story

  • Reform Group Campaigns Against iPhone/AT&T Deal

    Today, iPhone buyers must also sign up for AT&T; wireless service, while anyone who purchases a BlackBerry Storm must also use Verizon. But that ... Read the whole story

  • Bill Would Require FTC Approval For Pay-Per-Byte Pricing

    Rep. Eric Massa has introduced a bill to restrict Internet service providers' ability to start charging broadband customers based on consumption. The Broadband Internet ... Read the whole story

  • Perez Hilton Toning Down To Cash In

    Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton plans to launch a kinder, gentler and more advertiser-friendly new site in the next couple of months. That's the hot ... Read the whole story

  • Pre-Roll Ads Get More Bang For The Buck Than In-Banner, Study Finds

    Based on click-through rates, pre-roll video ads are 8-25 times more effective than in-banner ads, according to new data from Web video company BBE. Read the whole story

  • MediaCom Offers Eyeblaster Ad-Serving

    MediaCom announced plans on Wednesday to begin offering clients the ability to manage their digital ad campaigns with Eyeblaster's ad-serving platform. Along with Eyeblaster's ... Read the whole story

  • Brill's Content Model

    Tangled in what he calls "a form of group suicide," media entrepreneur Steve Brill on Wednesday implored media publishers to shed their collective "inferiority ... Read the whole story

  • Content Doesn't Want To Be Free, Just Cheap and Easy

    Figuring out what should and shouldn't be behind a firewall and how much people will pay could be key to publisher's success as business ... Read the whole story