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Friday, June 19, 2009
  • AP Moves On Upfront

    In an effort to drum up more lucrative online ad deals, The Associated Press hosted something like an upfront for members of the media ... Read the whole story

  • Tweets Are for the Birds

    Whenever I read anything about Twitter, I think of the off-Broadway show Little Shop of Horrors about a skid row floral shop whose hybrid ... Read the whole story

  • OPA: Display Ads Drive Engagement, E-Commerce

    Continuing its campaign to promote the Internet as an effective medium for brand marketers, the Online Publishers Association Thursday released results from a new ... Read the whole story

  • Judge: Craigslist Doesn't Kill People, Guns Do

    A federal judge in New York has added to the growing number of rulings absolving sites like Craigslist of responsibility for crimes committed by ... Read the whole story

  • Study: 'It's Not My Job' Could Cost Search Industry Big Bucks

    While service companies have spent time understanding the market and refining bid engines to determine prices for search terms, many have fallen short when ... Read the whole story

  • Lawmakers Eye A Fine Line In Privacy Regulation

    Influential lawmaker Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.) said Thursday that he plans to introduce legislation that will require Web companies to obtain consumers' opt-in consent ... Read the whole story

  • Flash-Based Engine Bets On Visual Search

    In a move that is intended to drive traffic for advertisers like Volvo who took a chance on the fledgling company and bought videos ... Read the whole story

  • The Education Recession

    Despite the ongoing recession, only a small 15.7% share of consumers plan to spend less money this season on school supplies, according to new ... Read the whole story

  • File-Sharer Ordered To Pay $1.92M

    A jury in Minneapolis has found that Jammie Thomas infringed copyright by sharing 24 tracks on Kazaa and awarded the record industry $1.92 million, ... Read the whole story