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Friday, November 19, 2010
  • MySpace 'Mashup' Opens Door To Facebook Users

    Effectively conceding that Facebook has won the social networking crown, MySpace will allow people to log into the site with their Facebook login and … Read the whole story

  • MySpace Sounds Conciliatory Note, Facebook Gloats

    Like a beleaguered presidential candidate who won only two states in a general election and yet refused to concede for months, MySpace has finally … Read the whole story

  • As Crunch Time Approaches, Holiday Shopping Outlook Optimistic

    At the beginning of the month, the vast majority of holiday shoppers -- 88.9% -- still had plenty of gifts to buy, according to … Read the whole story

  • Data, Your New Best Friend

    I read the other day that Google processes about a petabyte of information every hour. A petabyte, for those of you mulling over whether … Read the whole story

  • Zalaznick To Lead Digital Networks In NBCU Reorg

    As part of a broader executive reshuffling under forthcoming Comcast ownership, Lauren Zalaznick will soon oversee Daily Candy and Fandango as Chairman of NBC … Read the whole story

  • Click-Through Ad Rates Level Off

    The debate over whether click-through rates capture the full influence of online display advertising continues to remain top-of-mind for ad execs. Most believe this … Read the whole story

  • Gmail Targeted Ads Accused Of Violating Wiretap Laws

    A Texas resident is alleging that Google's six-year-old Gmail service infringes his privacy by using computers to scan incoming emails in order to surround … Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Releases Path-To-Conversion Reports

    Microsoft recently released two reports that help advertisers focus on moving past attributing the sale to the last click, because as we know, research … Read the whole story

  • Personalizes 'Social TV'

    In a bid to become the primary online online destination people use to figure out what to watch on TV, this morning announced … Read the whole story