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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
  • Display Ad Revs: Google Tops $1B, Facebook Grabs $2B, Nearly 18% Market Share

    Remember the days when marketers wanted nothing to do with social media and its questionable content? Those days are long gone. Facebook is now ... Read the whole story

  • Media Meld: Google Acquires SageTV

    As companies develop or acquire media management software, online and broadcast TV advertising will discover closer ties. In that vein, Google bought the technology ... Read the whole story

  • 5 Tips To Dive Into Email Metrics

    Many marketers still find it challenging to evaluate the effectiveness of their email campaigns. To measure the success of e-newsletters,they must examine available metrics ... Read the whole story

  • Packaged Editorial Ads Click With Consumers

    Editorial content and other earned ad messages, packaged with paid or narrative video marketing, can resonate with consumers way beyond the influence of traditional ... Read the whole story

  • Time Spent On Apps Outpaces Web

    New data is predicting that smartphones and tablet shipments in 2011 would exceed PCs and notebook computers. Separate research released today indicates that U.S. ... Read the whole story

  • Casale Media Forms Ad Partnerships With Educational Publishers

    Casale Media on Tuesday is expected to announced exclusive ad sales partnerships with educational publisher and its sister site The two serve ... Read the whole story