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Friday, October 21, 2011
  • Mobile eCommerce Gains Consumer Buy-In

    Mobile, social and geographic location continues to feed off the 80% of the global population carrying mobile devices generating more sales through mobile Web ... Read the whole story

  • Slacker Powers AOL Radio, Ad Inventory Reduced

    AOL Radio will now be powered by Slacker, including interactive features and custom artist stations. The arrangement finalizes AOL Radio's earlier move to replace ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Buyers Prefer Online Sales To Retail Stores

    Findings from a new study won't do anything to ease the fears of brick-and-mortar retailers anxious over losing sales to mobile-empowered shoppers. The survey ... Read the whole story

  • Twitter Fastest-Growing Mobile Audience, Up 75%

    Among top social networking services, Twitter had the fastest-growing U.S. mobile audience for the three months ending in August, up 75% to 13.4 million. ... Read the whole story

  • Netflix Challenges Video Privacy Law

    Faced with a potential multimillion-dollar class-action privacy lawsuit for allegedly retaining people's movie rental records, Netflix intends to argue that a portion of the ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Screens May Dilute TV Engagement, Kill Ad Attention

    A multiscreen viewing study showed users were inattentive to the TV during ad breaks. Those studied were significantly distracted from the first screen by ... Read the whole story

  • Occupy THIS!

    While Tibetan monks increasingly light themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule, I wandered down to New York's Zuccotti Park to see what the ... Read the whole story