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Thursday, March 15, 2012
  • Consumer WOM Proves Powerful, Apple, Amazon Lead Sectors

    As marketers know, word of mouth can make or break a brand. But which brands are consumers most likely to back, as well as ... Read the whole story

  • Uncommon Sense: Fear and Envy on the Campaign Trail - Part 2

    Big media's self-serving focus on where the money comes from (instead of where the money goes) is designed to polarize the dialogue and inflate ... Read the whole story

  • Smartphone Users Sue Over Address-Book Uploads

    Thirteen smartphone users have filed a potential class-action lawsuit against a slew of tech companies -- including Path, Hipster, Twitter and Facebook -- for ... Read the whole story

  • Blogs Influence Women's Shopping Experience

    Since women turn to online sources for information during critical times in the purchase decision process, marketers might benefit from knowing that 35% turn ... Read the whole story

  • Social Media Buzz Ups Trad TV Ratings

    Nielsen says a recent study adds to the growing evidence showing there is now a direct connection between social media buzz and traditional TV ... Read the whole story

  • Volvo Not Risk-Averse When It Comes To Mobile

    Volvo may not boast the marketing budgets of larger auto manufacturers, but that hasn't stopped the company from pushing into emerging ad segments, including ... Read the whole story

  • More Than Half Of Tablet Owners Pay For A Range Of T-Content

    Most U,S. tablet owners have purchased downloadable music, books and movies for their devices. But even for affluent early adopters, news remains a commodity ... Read the whole story