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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
  • IPG: Mobile Key To Agency Growth

    New research from Ernst & Young indicates that 88% of TV viewers say they multitask with a computer while watching TV. And nearly half ... Read the whole story

  • Marketer Concern: Email Hit By Problems, Inbox Rates Drop

    Despite the rise of social networks and texting, marketers still rely on email as a highly engaging and measurable way to target consumers. New ... Read the whole story

  • Video Advertisers Need Agreement On Tech Standards, Guidelines

    The lack of agreement between publishers and video players on technical guidelines is hindering the entrance of marketers and their agencies in the video ... Read the whole story

  • Adobe's Project Midas Expands Predictive Marketing Tools

    Adobe Systems will push deeper into online marketing, adding features in the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite that can predict consumer behavioral patterns. Some of ... Read the whole story

  • Google Seeks To Weigh In On MPAA-Hotfile Dispute

    Google is asking a federal judge to reject the Motion Picture Association of America's interpretation of the federal copyright statute in a case involving ... Read the whole story

  • Publishers Cite Tablets As Top Tech Priority

    Publishers are making tablets a critical priority when it comes to technology development this year. About 60% of business-to-business and business-to-consumer publishers cited tablets, ... Read the whole story

  • ABC Expands Digital Magazine Circ Reporting

    The Audit Board of Circulations is introducing a new report format that will offer significantly more detail on consumer magazines' digital publications, incorporating several ... Read the whole story

  • Twitter Expands Mobile Ad Targeting

    Twitter last month announced it would begin testing Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts in the timelines, searches and suggested follows on its mobile apps. ... Read the whole story