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Tuesday, July 31, 2012
  • Bigger Video Player, Better Ad Performance

    While the mobile revolution is shrinking everything in sight, expect marketers to throw increasing support behind larger display screens. That's because new data draws ... Read the whole story

  • Google+ Followers Up, Actively Follow Top 100 Brands

    The number of people following the top 100 brands in the Google+ social network rose 54% to 12 million in the past two months. ... Read the whole story

  • IAB Pushes For DIY Ad Units, Modules

    Industry insiders believe agencies, brands and publishers need to take steps to create and adopt drag-and-drop display ad units online -- or they risk ... Read the whole story

  • InMobi Buys App Distributor Metaflow Systems

    Mobile ad network InMobi on Tuesday announced acquiring Metaflow Solutions, which makes mobile content management software used by developers, publishers and others to streamline ... Read the whole story

  • Travel Advertising Rises On Mobile

    Travel was the third-largest ad category on Millennial's network through the first quarter in terms of spending, after telecom and finance. It was also ... Read the whole story

  • Judge: Likely To Prevail In Challenge To Sex Trafficking Law

    A federal judge has issued an injunction blocking the state of Washington from enforcing a sex trafficking law that imposes new policing duties on ... Read the whole story

  • A Quarter of E-Commerce Could Be Mobile By 2017

    Accelerated adoption of smartphones worldwide is intersecting with retailers motivated to engage their customers to move the m-commerce market ahead very quickly in the ... Read the whole story