Publishers Daily Editions for December 2023
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Dec. 14, 2023
Digital Flatliner: Revenue Was Down Slightly In Q3
OpenAI To Pay Axel Springer For Using Its Content To Train AI Model
Kargo Welcomes Three Publishers To Its Multicultural Content program
News/Media Alliance Gains 16 New Members
Google Could Become New Money Source For U.S. Journalists, Content Creators
Sports Highlights Predicted To Grow On Social Media In 2024
Divided FCC Votes To Tighten Data Breach Notification Rules
Social Platforms Want Appeals Court To Intervene In Battle Over Teen Addiction
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023
AI Canon: Firm Issues AI Guidelines For PR Flacks And Reporters
Zach Seward To Serve as Editorial Director of AI Initiatives At 'NYT'
Dow Jones Plans Online Hub To Support Financial Literacy
The Most-Read News Stories Of 2023
Supreme Court Won't Revive Robotexting Lawsuit Against Meta
Ad School Revived: The Creative Circus Purchased By VCU
Judge Upholds Texas's Partial TikTok Ban
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023
Muddying The Mail: Publishers Suffer Everything From Dumping To Amazon Glut
'Sports Illustrated' CEO Levinsohn Is Out
'The Washington Post's' Newsprint Wrap-ups Are Back
'The Nation' Reduces Print Frequency In Favor Of Bigger Issues
Calif. Regulators Want To Require Browsers To Offer Universal Opt-Out Commands
Digital Ad Spend To Grow 12% In 2024, Bank Of America Says
Amazon Presses For Fast Dismissal Of FTC's 'Dark Patterns' Suit
Publishers Daily - Monday, Dec. 11, 2023
The Old Heave-Ho: Media Firms Cut 20,000 Jobs Through November
Axel Springer Moving 'Upday' News Service To AI
New Hampshire Publisher Convicted Of Not Properly Labeling Political Ads
Vice Media Co-CEO Lokhandwala Is Leaving
Local Healthcare Ad Spending To Top $12B Next Year
Musk Wants Supreme Court To Lift Restrictions On Tesla Tweets
X Attempts To Win Back Advertisers With 'Q5' Opportunities
Publishers Daily - Friday, Dec. 8, 2023
Lee's Digital Leap: Publisher Reports Jumps in Online Sub, Ad Revenue
Two Execs Out At The Arena Group
Tim Braz Picked As CRO Of PCH
Future Blames Profit Drop On U.S. Revenue Decline
Google Rethinks Ad Policies For Cryptocurrencies
Report Blasts Social Platforms For Changing Course On Misinformation, Political Ads
The Future Of Digital Advertising Will Be Non-Standard
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023
Unions Raise Red Flag: Big-Name Pubs Face Turmoil
'The Forward' Drops Its Paywall To Serve Readers At A Critical Time
'Time' Chooses Taylor Swift As Its 2023 Person Of The Year
Lee Enterprises Board Names New General Counsel And Secretary
FTC Urges Court To Turn Away Meta In Legal Fight Over Teens' Data
American Family Insurance, Time Unveil 'Dreamer Of The Year' Battles Web Visitor Over Video Privacy
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023
The Health Of Journalism: California Hearing Explores The State Of News
Nonprofit Newsroom Is Launched In Akron, Ohio
Gannett Joins Network To Reduce Risk Of Patent-Troll Litigation
Vox To Bring Podcasts To Stage At 2024 SXSW Conference
Florida And Texas Content Moderation Laws Create 'Chaos,' Press Advocates Tell Court
Citing 'Asymmetry,' ANA Calls For New C-Suite Role: Chief Media Officer
Lawmakers Blast Meta's 'Callous Disregard' Of Childrens' Privacy
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023
News Media Gold: Valuable Audiences Are Reading Newspapers And Magazines
Hearst Newspapers Acquires Puzzmo, Puzzle Gaming Platform
Active Interest Media Acquires The Taunton Press
Gannett Honored For LBGTQ+ Workplace Inclusion
Montana TikTok Ban Halted By Federal Judge Over Free Speech Concerns
What YouTube Product Drops Updates Mean For Advertising
Consumers Say They Want More Enriched Media In 2024
Publishers Daily - Monday, Dec. 4, 2023
AI Snafu: 'Sports Illustrated' Blasted For Publishing AI-Generated Articles
Vox Staff Hit By New Round Of Layoffs
Collin Campbell To Head NPR Podcasts
Adweek Appoints Zoe Ruderman and Drew Schutte To Executive Titles
Musk Courts SMBs, After Telling Big Advertisers 'F*ck You'
Meta Hit With Complaints In Europe Over Paid, Ad-Free Apps
Meta Takes Down Almost 5,000 Fake China-Based Facebook Accounts
Publishers Daily - Friday, Dec. 1, 2023
Galloping Web: Chinese Video Site Saw Fastest Growth From August To October
'Popular Science' Halts Its Digital Subscription Magazine
Guardian Media Group And Sony Pictures Sign Exclusive Content Deal
Poynter Institute Takes Over News Leader Association Journalism Awards
Meta Sues FTC, Claims Enforcement Action Unconstitutional
U.S. Pay-TV Subs Outnumbered By Streaming Services For The 1st Time
Texas And Florida Laws Would Scare Advertisers Away From Social Media, Tech Industry Argues
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