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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
  • Mondelez Program Creates Fast Mobile Pilots

    Launching a pilot within 90 days was the objective for all teams -- and achieving that is something that given its size, Mondelez would … Read the whole story

  • IE Powers 'Hunger Games' Online Exploration

    "For us, our fans are discovering and consuming content on all devices. We wanted to create an experience for all those devices, and they … Read the whole story

  • Dodge Drives Into Sci-Fi Symbiosis

    Dodge Charger is driving down the middle of a road with digital on one side and traditional on the other. The real unique part … Read the whole story

  • The Biggest Hole In Your Content Marketing Strategy: Images

    Brands know the stakes are high -- to engage with today's consumer, now they must become publishers. So many marketers have hired teams to … Read the whole story

  • Twitter Pre-Releases Music Recommendation App For Celebrities Only

    Twitter continues to flex its muscles in the entertainment media arena as it prepares to launch an app aimed at personalized music recommendations. Read the whole story

  • Selling, Sort Of, On Social Media

    It's a well-accepted truism by now that "you can't sell on social media," but as savvy suppliers have become more sophisticated about the use … Read the whole story

  • Three Ways Facebook Can Get The Kids To Come Home

    While at SXSW last month, I found myself at dinner seated next to a woman who is a well-respected social media strategist. We chatted … Read the whole story

  • The Enemy Mine

    When you report your social media metrics to your boss or a client, naturally you focus on your "fans" and how many you added/lost … Read the whole story