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Thursday, March 22, 2012
  • Social Media Chatter Ups Live TV Stats

    Rather than cannibalize "old media," some online activities can actually boost viewership. In particular, new research shows that social media can significantly increase consumers' … Read the whole story

  • Game Show Network Expands Programming With Reality TV

    GSN's official description no longer uses "Game Show Network" -- and for good reason. The network is moving aggressively to offer its twists on … Read the whole story

  • Return-Path Data Lexicon: 'Average' Reach Metrics

    As with last week's column on Average Frequency, we examine the definitions of Frequency's companion metric, Average Reach. Interestingly, while Average Frequency definitions include … Read the whole story

  • With Media Industry Employment In Transition, Where Are The Jobs?

    Layoffs aren't happy affairs, but given the increasingly fickle nature of journalism, entertainment and even media agency positions, comings and goings can be a … Read the whole story