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Monday, July 23, 2012
  • Consumers Sound Off About TV Blackouts

    Consumers seem ready to take action when it comes to more frequent TV blackouts of their favorite networks -- and most of that activity ... Read the whole story

  • GetGlue HD To 'Reimagine Discovery Around TV'

    In an upcoming release of an upgraded GetGlue HD, the social TV company is directing its focus on media content discovery, not just community. ... Read the whole story

  • NBA's Brand Logos On Uniforms Squeeze More Sports Marketing Into The Mix

    NBA owners have voted to break new advertising ground by approving messaging on team uniforms, which could bring in $125 million a year. To ... Read the whole story

  • Online Videos Drive Tune-In For TV Shows, Movies

    Video drives video. Among online video viewers, about 44% of TV viewers and 31% of moviegoers say watching a preview was the biggest factor ... Read the whole story