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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
  • Pressure Group Turns Heat On Hannity's Sponsors, As Fox News Retracts Conspiracy Story

    A month after Fox News fired its biggest star, Bill O'Reilly, following pressure from advertisers and advocacy groups surrounding allegations of sexual harassment, another ... Read the whole story

  • National TV News Viewership Soars

    National media networks grew 26% in the most recent week when it came to "person-viewing hours," with year-to-date viewing up 13%. Looking at just ... Read the whole story

  • OTT Ad Revs, Spending Up Sharply

    A new survey says 62% of media-buying executives believe OTT ad spending will increase. Industry estimates are that advertising revenue is going to premium ... Read the whole story

  • Pay-TV, Internet Satisfaction Rates Remain Low

    In the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, both sectors tied for last place among the 43 industries tracked. Only wireless telephone providers were the ... Read the whole story

  • Chicken Poops Popcorn In Ad For Aster Hospital

    When a chicken eats corn, does it poop popcorn? If so, chicken needs to see a doctor. That's the gist of an ad for ... Read the whole story

  • Surprise! MSNBC's Tops All Cable News Nets For First TIme

    Somewhat shockingly, MSNBC has rocketed to second place in prime time among all cable TV networks -- as well as topping its cable news ... Read the whole story

  • Why Advertisers Are Bullish On Addressable TV

    Addressable TV is poised to make a big leap in adoption and spending. It's a simple trial and repeat equation. When advertisers know it, ... Read the whole story