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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
  • Viacom, Discovery Stocks Sink On Weak Revenue Estimates

    Viacom's stock closed down 6.4% to $25.41 on Monday, while another cable network-only group -- Discovery Communications -- lost 2.7% to $20.83. Read the whole story

  • Lack Of People-Based Ad Metrics Slows Data Analysis

    Marketing executives say a lack of people-based measurement makes it more difficult to create a complete view of cross-media exposure. Read the whole story

  • What Hurricane? Greater Fort Lauderdale's Latest Tourism Campaign

    The "Hello Sunny" TV creative will showcase the destination's culinary options and is designed to expand the attractiveness of the region beyond its beach … Read the whole story

  • With TV As A Rival, Can Movie Chains Gain Ground This Fall?

    Movie theaters are seeing a decrease in attendance and box-office revenues, and a major contributing factor is that a sizable portion of customers want … Read the whole story

  • 'I'm a Reader'

    Thank you, Shailene Woodley, for insulting all TV viewers and creating a moment of national unity that has eluded our national leaders. Appearing on … Read the whole story

  • CBS All Access: Infuriating, But Smart

    My wife found it infuriating that CBS' new "Star Trek: Discovery" is so good. Having recently seen the series premiere on CBS, we can't … Read the whole story