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Friday, August 24, 2018
  • 'Today,' 'GMA' In Tight Race For Viewers

    Through August 19, ABC' s "Good Morning America" claims top numbers in overall viewers, but just barely with an average Nielsen 3.780 million viewers. … Read the whole story

  • Trump Squawks, But Consumer Trust In Media Rises

    Despite attacks from the Trump White House, consumer trust in news media -- especially with local TV news and local newspapers -- is climbing. … Read the whole story

  • Global Marketing Approaches $1.3 Trillion, U.S. = Two-Fifths Of It

    Worldwide marketing spending will approach $1.3 trillion this year, with about two-fifths of that going to the U.S. marketplace, according to an updated forecast … Read the whole story

  • Are National TV Ads Actually Too Cheap?

    Did you know that the average price across all national TV advertising in the U.S. is less than $2.50 CPM? Read the whole story

  • It Turns Out That Advertisers Hate Ads Too

    That's the conclusion that Jerrid Grimm came too after surveying industry pros about their ad avoidance-related behavior. Frankly, who can blame them? Read the whole story

  • Did Jeremy Corbyn Just 'Invent' The BBC In His Latest Crazed Media Plans?

    The opposition leader's latest mad scheme is to create the BDC. It's the BBC, but with a letter changed. Read the whole story

  • Study: Teens Spending Too Much Time On Mobile

    A Pew poll found 52% of teens are cutting back on their mobile phone use, as well as slowing down on social media (57%) … Read the whole story