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The MediaPost Cases focus these three key questions on some of the best examples of successful marketing across channels and segment. These cases explore how brands defined their marketing challenge, conceived, executed and course corrected their solution, and measured results.

Drawing from MediaPost’s live events, awards programs and reporting, MediaPost Cases cut across all of the channels and industry segments we cover. Whether you are looking for what the auto sector is doing in ecommerce or how DTC brands make digital video accountable or other fresh insights, you will find lessons and inspiration from this library of more than 250 cases.

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    Challenging Google AI's Limits
  • Marketers are constantly told by advertising experts to apply best practice strategies, but if everyone is doing the same, how is anyone going to truly achieve a competitive edge? Can something more be done with the limited controls still in place as automation continues to grow? Lending Tree's Director of SEM, Yuji Inagaki, shares how his team challenged Google's AI calculations and decision-making by applying strategies either not recommended (based on speculations) or completely unknown (never been done before.) Hear the insights they uncovered regarding Google's "black box" pertaining specifically to their business goals and how to take advantage of …