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The MediaPost Cases focus these three key questions on some of the best examples of successful marketing across channels and segment. These cases explore how brands defined their marketing challenge, conceived, executed and course corrected their solution, and measured results.

Drawing from MediaPost’s live events, awards programs and reporting, MediaPost Cases cut across all of the channels and industry segments we cover. Whether you are looking for what the auto sector is doing in ecommerce or how DTC brands make digital video accountable or other fresh insights, you will find lessons and inspiration from this library of more than 250 cases.

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    Triggering Kindness in the AI Neighborhood
  • Can generative AI make us better neighbors...and a stronger neighborhood platform? The local connections publisher NextDoor is offering members AI-powered writing tools that nudges them with a Kindness Reminder to help make the online environment more supportive and positive. Nextdoor's Head of AI and VP of Engineering, Qi He, discusses how the publisher is crafting user-facing tools to drive better online experiences and what they have learned along the way
  • Transforming Brand Values into Tangible Actions Patagonia's mission statement is: we're in business to save our home planet. For over 35 years, Patagonia has supported over 1,500 environmental groups by donating 1% to grassroots activist organizations that have direct-action agendas and work on strategic, multipronged campaigns to preserve and protect the environment. We built Patagonia Action Works to take this a step further. Patagonia Action Works - a response-driven, relationship building digital ecosystem and toolkit - meaningfully connects our customers and greater community to the grassroots environmental activist groups we support. Patagonia's Director, Digital Impact: Community & Activism, Scott Carrington, discusses how the initiative was driven …