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Thursday, August 26, 2010
  • LG Adds Humor With Jane Lynch Comedic Videos

    "We wanted the star of the videos to be someone who could deliver the message about teen behaviors in a way that was both ... Read the whole story

  • Scale Vs. Sizzle: The Online Ad Sales Conundrum

    Online advertising is suffering from a fundamental flaw in its sales process. Put simply, products with sizzle sell but rarely scale. So what do ... Read the whole story

  • AdoTube's New Platform Energizes In-Stream Ad Growth

    To help advertisers with their in-stream ad campaigns, video ad network AdoTube debuted its in-stream video advertising platform. AdoTube aims to expand in-stream ad ... Read the whole story

  • DirecTV Offers NFL 'Ticket' Cross-Platform, Nationwide

    More pricey online video is on the way for sports TV consumers. DirecTV is offering its highly lucrative NFL Sunday Ticket package of games ... Read the whole story