Video Daily
Thursday, November 18, 2010
  • Google TV On The 46-Inch HD Sony

    For advertisers it's all about reach and segmenting audiences. "How can I reach more consumers with specific needs through my ads?" On Thursday, Google … Read the whole story

  • Internet Video Advertising Looking More Like The TV Model? Not So Fast

    Internet ad-supported video looking familiar? To some. Media studies are showing the online video business, mostly that of TV shows online, seems to be … Read the whole story

  • Are You Doing The Right Things To Increase Video Views?

    Video CPMs are the one of the highest revenue sources for Web publishers (versus display and BT ads), and for the first time in … Read the whole story

  • Hulu Plus Lowers Rates, Extends Tech Reach

    TV networks may not be interested in digital pennies, but they don't mind saving video consumers a couple of bucks. For its new premium … Read the whole story

  • CPG Leads In-Video Ad Growth

    Over the past year, spending on in-video advertising by consumer-packaged goods brands soared 377%, according to a new report from video ad network AdoTube. … Read the whole story