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Thursday, April 21, 2011
  • Surprise! Mobile Video Inventory Now Far Exceeds Demand

    Contrary to popular belief, mobile video inventory is now far outstripping the demand from advertisers -- and many players in the ecosystem have an … Read the whole story

  • Six Ways to Increase Digital Video Revenue

    With demand for streaming content clearly established, publishers have shifted from testing digital video advertising to bringing ad revenues toward parity with broadcast. Most … Read the whole story

  • Technology Kills The Video Star

    It's no secret that the Internet has deeply damaged traditional media when they have directly competed. In the case of music and newspaper classifieds, … Read the whole story

  • 5min Media Strikes Syndication Deal With Sugar Inc.

    Highlighting parent AOL's broader push toward lifestyle and women's content, video-sharing site 5min Tuesday announced a new syndication deal with Sugar Inc. 5min will … Read the whole story