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Friday, June 24, 2011
  • YouTube Gives 'Design Star' Free Ad Time, Younger Demos

    Free time in front of potential customers doesn't happen for advertisers often, but a video ad model on YouTube makes it a reality for … Read the whole story

  • Summer's Eve Declares 'That's Vaginal!'

    The video features Carlton, a scholarly talking cat, who is on a crusade to tell America how important the vagina is (or should be.) … Read the whole story

  • Online Video: Segmenting The Current Media Darling

    New media trends last about a day and a half in the digital marketing business. And now it is online video's time to bask … Read the whole story

  • Media Buyers' Guide To Video Shopping

    Attention, media buyers: If you are evaluating online video with TV metrics like GRP and TRP, please be aware of what you are actually … Read the whole story