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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
  • Big Brands Piloting In-Store 3GTV Networks

    The in-store media platform -- being touted as a breakthrough in the booming shopper marketing arena -- enables measurable digital communications to consumers throughout … Read the whole story

  • TV Holds: Young Adults More Likely To Media Migrate

    More studies reveal cord-cutting isn't a threat to traditional TV distribution systems -- yet. But those most likely to cut the proverbial cord are … Read the whole story

  • TV, Transformed: What Digitization Brings To Brands

    Video ad campaigns delivered online give advertisers the ability to understand who is watching, how much of it they are watching, and how different … Read the whole story

  • Taco Bell Thinks Outside The Bun, Turns Restaurants Into Media Network

    In what likely is the biggest deal yet since Turner Broadcasting tried to develop an ill-fated place-based video network with McDonald's in the early … Read the whole story

  • Verizon Programs Interactive Music Network

    Verizon's telco TV service has added an interactive Music Choice channel to several service tiers. Tabbed SWRV, the channel allows viewers an opportunity to … Read the whole story

  • Subscription TV Resists Cord-Cutters

    Though new consumer electronic devices/digital video services are making inroads with TV programming, subscription television is still the dominant TV service for consumers -- … Read the whole story

  • Brut Launches Humorous Sports Channel

    "We believe that young, male-focused online content is a burgeoning market," says Marc Broccoli, marketing director at Brut parent Idelle Management Co. "BNN offers … Read the whole story

  • iPhone Owners: Big Video Watchers, Mobile App Users

    There is much more video watching on iPhones than other smartphones. Futuresouce says 64% of iPhone users watch video as opposed to 32% of … Read the whole story