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Friday, October 19, 2012
  • Ford Does First-Ever Documentary For Warriors In Pink

    The automaker is using Breast Cancer Awareness month to promote its first-ever documentary about the "Models of Courage," who are the 2012 faces of … Read the whole story

  • Lincoln Financial Encourages Retirement Savings

    Lincoln Financial Group is encouraging Americans to save for their retirement through a YouTube video series that kicks off during National Save for Retirement … Read the whole story

  • Apple Said To Be Acquiring Video Sharing Startup Color Labs

    According to a Next Web report, Apple is about to acquire a video sharing company Color Labs, founded by the same entrepreneur that started … Read the whole story

  • Video Quality Vs. Quantity: A Marketer's Dilemma

    Here's the dilemma: How can marketers reconcile the need for high-quality brand videos with the ever-increasing need for a large quantity of videos required … Read the whole story

  • It's Your Duty: Get Out The Vote And Eat Hot Pockets

    I have a theory that's kinda sorta gonna blow your mind, people, so try and stay with me as I lay it on you. … Read the whole story

  • So What Is Content Marketing?

    My feeling is that content marketing is what social was four years, what video was eight years ago when YouTube came in, or display … Read the whole story