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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  • Pharma Jumps On Social Media Bandwagon

    More than 50% of leading pharma companies expect social networking, online video and other types of digital marketing to grow in use as critical … Read the whole story

  • Activision Goes Big For 'CoD: Black Ops 2'

    In addition to Downey, Jr., who upstages a man with two tanks by having a Harrier jet, the spot also features cameos from other … Read the whole story

  • Why Building The Video Version of Wikipedia Is Possible, But Difficult

    I occasionally describe my company as the Wikipedia of video, but for-profit. So I couldn't help but notice a recent study suggesting: "it may … Read the whole story

  • Connected Web Is About To Disrupt Video Licensing

    Video is being produced at higher volumes than ever before, with billions of videos created and uploaded to social sites each day, including 72 … Read the whole story