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Wednesday, November 28, 2012
  • Out-Of-The Box Fuels Over-The-Top, Broadband Vies With TV

    There has been a sharp increase in out-of-the-box video viewing for over-the-top television. With the growth of Netflix and other services, a new Accenture … Read the whole story

  • OTT Video Views Explode On Multiple Screens

    Dividing the country down the middle, half of U.S. consumers now view over-the-top (OTT) video through broadband connections on their TVs, in addition to … Read the whole story

  • Coke's Christmas Spot Features Giant Santa Puppet

    This year's Christmas TV ad from Coca-Cola focuses primarily on a giant Santa Claus marionette - something of a departure from recent years' ads … Read the whole story

  • Survey Finds Consumers Down With OTT

    According to a new survey by Accenture, half of consumers in the U.S. are viewing so-called "over-the-top" content through a broadband connection on their … Read the whole story

  • In The Digital World, Only Winning Counts

    When it comes to creating the optimal Web experience, nowhere are standards higher and the audience tougher than in the world of digital sports. … Read the whole story

  • Seven Risk Factors In YouTube's Network Strategy

    How quickly YouTube has gone from undesirable to the belle of the ball remains one of the year's stories. With the success of Machinima … Read the whole story

  • "Emily's Story" Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

    Fatherhood has enriched my life in so many ways that I can't begin to enumerate them, but it has hamstrung me as a writer/observer/whatever … Read the whole story