• Preparing For Our Augmented Reality Future
    There are many factors to consider in trying to predict when an emerging technology might have its iPhone moment, breaking through from an early-adopter niche into a mainstream consumer product. Merely being technically possible is only one piece of the puzzle, and in many ways is the least important. Once something is feasible, the next gating factor is market economics -- can we manufacture or productize it at a price that anyone would pay? But beyond technical and economic feasibility, there's a third factor that's often overlooked: cultural feasibility -- are we collectively "ready" for the technology.
  • Pokemon Go Kicks Off AR
    By now everyone has probably heard of Pokemon GO. The game, a partnership between Nintendo and Niantic (creators of Ingress), is Nintendo's first foray of itsIP into the mobile game space, and it has been a resounding success. It's also going to be kicking off a major investment into augmented reality content.
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