New York City
January 23 - 25, 2018

About Masters of Media Selling

How to Sell Major Accounts for Digital, Programmatic, Video Over-the-Top, or Analog Media

Win Appointments with Senior Executives, Persuade More Powerfully, Close More Business

What is Masters of Media like? Watch this 14 minute video to find out.


What Attendees Are Saying:

  • “This was a great full day session.  It was great to hear how different people handle different situations.”
  • “I really liked the information about territory management.  It’s tough keeping track of it all, so hearing how you manage with A-B-C accounts was helpful.”
  • “It’s all about the client; agenda setup, and the 3 F’s (feel, felt, found)."
  • “The Objections section was very helpful, particularly the “feel, felt, found.”  Also found the agenda setting very helpful/useful.”
  • “I like the concept about probing the client after responding about an objection."
  • “Even though being asked questions on the spot was a little scary, I thought it really helped.”
  • “I thought the most interesting concept was the probing questions and mastering the conversation: Asking the right, intelligent, questions to understand the client needs.”


Masters of Media Selling is a small-group, intensive, seminar for digital or analog solution sellers with individual attention to solving your specific sales problems, delivering the best practices in advertising sales boiled down from 20 years of star salesmanship and sales management and 20 years of consulting and training sales people from hundreds of media firms. These principles and practices have been shown to work for the newest media like Rocket Fuel programmatic or TapJoy mobile or Curse, Inc., the largest media like Parade Magazine (over a million dollars a page) and TV Guide, for city magazines, cable and TV and newspapers and dot-com companies and business-to-business media companies.  The instructor will help you apply the principles to your medium and sales challenges.

Three skill sets make Masters of Media Selling:

  1. Planning and prospecting to get the right appointment at the right time, along with the right information to make a sale.
  2. Persuasion that sells, not tells. We focus on understanding and using the 6 principles of influence.
  3. Probing, handling objections and closing to achieve and advancement of the sale rather than another “good call” that goes nowhere.

Do you believe your media should be getting a bigger share of the buys? Are you having trouble getting appointments with the right influencers or buyers? Do your potential customers have you on a pointless RFP treadmill? These are all common complaints of media management. The Media Masters sales course will give you skills to solve every one of these problems and more. 

After this class, you or your sales people will have more success getting higher level appointments with decision makers, BEFORE the RFP is issued.  You’ll know how to create a presentation that gets your prospects to AGREE FROM THE START, and you’ll understand how great sales people get their clients to change their mind.  That is right. How often do you hear your prospects say “I didn’t buy from you last year, but I was wrong.  Now I’m giving you the order?” Media Masters will show you how to open up your client’s mind to a different view.
Who is this class for? For sales managers it will give you a multitude of solutions to teach your sales people. For experienced sales people it will help them learn how to build on your strengths and shore up your weaknesses. For entry level sales people it will be a revelation; so much clarity to open up the black art of sales, clear plans and benchmarks to set their sights upon, and clear strategies to juggle many clients and focus on the big opportunities, and a clear persuasion strategy that is proven to work.


Master Plan for Selling Advertising Media

The first requirement of sales is getting to the right place at the right time with the right information to make a sale.  Whether your “right place” is on the phone or in person, sales masters organize themselves to juggle hundreds of accounts and still call the right people at the right time. And they do it with the right ideas and information at their fingertips to make sales.  Failing to get to the right time and place is the first way to fail…no matter how charming and convincing you are.

Master Plan will cover how to prospect for leads, qualify which leads to work most intensively, and how to develop a sales cycle of selling, and renewing business.  Master Plan will make you the master of your territory; showing management your plan on key accounts and where they come in to help you advance big accounts.


Master Persuasion to Win Advertising Sales

Persuading like a Master will help you understand how to create shared agreement at the beginning of your sales persuasion so that you can lead the buyer from agreement to agreement to a sale, making logical objection hard to voice. Master persuaders know how to open buyers minds to change, to make the purchase the buyer didn’t, at first, think they want.

Master the Jargon

Master Media will teach you the concepts and language to put your programmatic ad solutions, over-the-top video targeting, and digital media solutions in a context versus competitive solutions; if you are a print seller we’ll help you understand digital and broadcast terminology to prepare you to go nose to nose with a media director discussing how your media is the right place for the investment. You are likely selling a multiple media package of two or three media. You can no longer be most successful understanding only your property.


Master Closers are Master Probers and Objection Handlers

Almost all sales people know they should ask more questions in their sales process, but they don’t do it. One reason is that they are afraid to ask dumb questions. But we know that if we ask the right questions, the client will tell us what they want in a way we can work with to sell them what they want (or in the language they want to hear it in).  The master sales class will give you the structure to probe better for opportunities and for objections, and to handle objections in a simple, natural, and systematic way. Today, objections start with getting appointments. So objection handling skills are critical at every stage of the sales process from prospecting to closing deals.

What Attendees Are Saying:

  • “The most interesting new concept for me was starting the presentation with the clients needs/trends first, then, easing your brand into the presentation."
  • "Great course - learned a lot.  It was presented in a cohesive manageable manner."
  • "I really liked making the case for the marketplace and making a sound connection to your property."
  • “Loved the idea of getting the client to buy in and advocate your product for you."