New York City
January 23 - 25, 2018

Course Overview

Managing Automated Advertising Strategies: What every CEO, Publisher and CRO needs to know to manage and maximize their automated advertising revenue. Developed for very senior media executives from every category; mass consumer, special interest, B2B, pure digital and hybrid traditional + digital businesses. January 23, 2018
Strategic Sales Tactics for More and Bigger Ad-Sales; The Classic Masters of Media Selling: Ad Sales training that makes average sales people good, and good sales people great. Applies to any media form: TV, print, outdoor, local, national, digital, events. January 24, 2018
How to Sell Programmatic Advertising: Strategy and Tactics for Every Publisher and Sales Manager to Sell Programmatic Online Advertising: Cuts through the jargon, answers every question you have. January 25, 2018
Masters of Media Selling is dedicated to winning the competition for advertising revenue through strategy, tactics and training. Sales skills are important, but your ‘go-to-market’ strategy and the ‘value proposition’ you offer to prospective advertisers is equally important.
Masters of Media Selling has become recognized as the premiere advertising sales training curricula, because it asks and answers the question: How can I win MORE and BIGGER sales. Not how can I win some sales. We show how to win more sales when your media is a toss-up vs. it’s competition.
Masters of Media Selling brings new value with always-updated courses:

  • Managing Automated Advertising shows CEO level media executives how they can manage programmatic advertising successfully without knowing the technical details.
  • Classic Masters of Media Selling identifies the 5 things that the very best advertising sales people do better than others, and builds an instruction program around each. A one day – small group intensive – course focused on the 5 skills that separate the great advertising sales people from the average.
  • How to Sell Programmatic Advertising, for sales people and sales management/strategists. Every seller of digital advertising must be prepared to address programmatic advertising sales, either by employing programmatic delivery and leveraging first-party data, or by selling against competitors who are offering programmatic execution. Learn the basics: Every media company can sell programmatic advertising. Learn the basics of how you can sell programmatic services, audience extension, or build and leverage your first-party data. Learn the platforms to use, the pricing strategies and success examples.