WeWork Charging Bull
January 18 - 19, 2017


About the Media Sales Master Daniel Ambrose

Mr. Ambrose has been a sales leader, sales manager and publisher, selling print, cable tv, and Internet advertising solutions, and advising successful media companies for 35 years.  He was trained at Ziff Davis, where he was Advertising Director of Backpacker, and worked at Hearst where he was Director of Corporate Advertising on multi-magazine packages for the biggest advertisers.  Ambrose lead the sales of television ads and sampling programs at American Baby, and launched the cable show Healthy Kids with all ads sold out.  He lead Child Magazine to be on AdWeeks “10 Hottest” list two years in a row before starting his career in Internet and digital sales consulting.  Ambrose worked on the launch of about.com, iVillage, Beliefnet in the consumer markets and the launch of Mediabistro in the b2b space.  He has done training for brands as big Parade and TV Guide, and as focused as Environmental Health & Safety and Palm Springs Life.  He’s also worked with newspapers, with hobbiest magazines, and with non-traditional media.  In 2006 he authored the Internet Sales Guidebook; Selling, Managing and Marketing Web 3.0 Brands.