AI & IoT Daily Editions for March 2017
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, March 17, 2017
VR, AR Headset Market Growing 58% A Year, To Reach 99 Million Devices
Grubhub Adds Food Ordering Form Amazon Alexa
Q&A: 360-degree VR Just Tip Of The Iceberg
Amazon Syncs Alexa With Ecommerce App
GoPro Trims Work Force Again
Netflix May Offer Mobile-Specific TV, Movie Cuts
Alexa Is coming To Amazon's iPhone App
Help From Hal: The Next Wave of AI
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, March 16, 2017
38 Million Connected Digital Signs In Use, Heading To 87 Million
Connected Devices 'Tricked' By University Researchers
Live Streaming Added to AR Makeeup Service
Alexa Integration With iRobot Aims For Connected Home
Total U.S. MVPD Revs Up, OTT Rising Faster
Coke Extends Bracket And Share-A-Coke Bottles
Never Mind Alexa: Why AI Obsession Echoes Past Hype Cycles
Getting Too Personal: The Peril Of The Internet of Things
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Consumers See $20+ As Fair Monthly Fee For Fully Smart Home
Samsung Launches New Line Of Smart TVs That Learn What Viewers Like
For LG 'Life's Good' Is Good Enough
Microsoft, iProspect Coin 'Relevance Score,' Analyze Digital Assistants' Impact On Advertising
Connected Sex Toy Company Settles Suits, Pays $4 Million
Tag Heuer Adds Chip Into $1,600 Smartwatch
Optimizing Experiences For The Connected Consumer
Virtual Gamer Roblox Raises $92M
Walmart Tests 'Endless Aisle' Concept
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Budweiser Connected Beer Cooler Screens Highlighted At MIT Enterprise Forum
Intel Spends $15 Billion To Advance Automated Driving
Video Gaming Enhancements Could Guide Driverless-Car Future
Google, Levi's Smart Jacket Almost Here
The Ultimate Empathy Machine: VR And Social
Report: Viacom Won't Be Part Of Hulu Streamer
Connected TV, Streaming: Robust Growth Continues
Digital Transformation Facing Hurdles
Experts Warn That Watches And Trackers Are Open To Ransomware
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, March 13, 2017
Cruise Ships Get Wired For Connected Customer Experiences
California Lets Uber Bring Back Self-Driving Cars
Consumers Hardly Enthusiastic About Self-Driving Cars
Connected Streetlights To Capture Data On People Nearby
Turning Customers Into Members
Rule Proposed For No Drivers In Self-Driving Cars
Another Airport Installs Beacons
Sizmek Partners With BrightLine To Offer Connected TV Across All Screens
IoT May Be Security Sensitive
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, March 10, 2017
1% Buy From Amazon Via Alexa, 48% By Smartphone
67% Of Agencies Want To See More VR/AR In Ad Campaigns
Latest Expectations Of Next iPhone
Alphabet's Nest Working On Cheaper Smart Thermostat
Chinese Ecommerce Giant To Form IoT Lab
Consumers Want To Pay Under $30/Month For Pay TV
comScore Uses Home Panel To Measure Connected Devices
Yahoo Co-Founder Worried About AI's Impact On Society
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, March 9, 2017
Agency Taps IBM Watson So Elevators Can Talk About Their Day In Real Time
96% Of Retailers Ready To Change For IoT
Lowe's Launches DIY Virtual Reality Skills Training
Home Robot Adds Facial Recognition
Amazon Alexa, Google Home Challenged By Who's Speaking
Streaming Services Showing Strength
5 Key Takeaways From Mobile World Congress, In Case You Weren't There
Driving Connection Through Disconnection
Why 2017 Will Be The Year Of VR ... Really
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Smart Home Devices Vs. Connected Home Solutions
Amazon Echo Recording Being Turned Over In Murder Case
Shazam Launches AR Platform For Advertising
Fitbit Updates Sleep Tracking In Wearable
Connected Billboard Targets Ads Based On Car Being Driven
Apple Loses UK Tax Battle On Watch Straps
Volkswagen Introduces Battery Powered Driverless Vehicle
Automakers Have Uphill Battle Regarding Self-Driving Cars
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, March 7, 2017
78% Say Internet Of Things Improved Customer Experience
70% Of Retailers Investing In Beacons For Location-Based Marketing
Netflix TV Homes Outpace Those With DVRs
Augmented, Virtual Reality Mass Adoption 3 To 5 Years Away
New Virginia Law Allows Delivery Robots On Sidewalks
Softbank Projects 1 Trillion IoT Chips Coming
OTT Starts Rocking The Cable Boat
Television Ownership Down; Mobile Up
H&M Live Streams Runway Show In VR
Consumers Warm To Idea of TV As Smart-Home Hub
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, March 6, 2017
Chevys Become Wi-Fi Hotspots; Unlimited Data, $20 A Month
Augmented Reality Seen Shifting To Headsets For Immersive Experiences
Another Security Flaw Found In IoT Device
Amazon Alexa Pushes Against Apple, Google Voice Assistants
Messaging Service Adds Alexa-Like Capabilities
Amazon Working On Home Security Camera, Says Report
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