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Friday, February 15, 2019
  • Lego Intros 'Haunted World' AR App

    In the game, children use the AR feature in the Lego app to turn a haunted world back to normal by capturing ghosts. Read the whole story

  • GM Launches 2 Connected EBikes

    The Ariv eBikes are launching first in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, where lithium-ion battery powered eBikes are already popular. Read the whole story

  • CBS Recalibrates OTT Plans

    The company is rethinking its windowing and syndication strategy for CBS All Access originals. Read the whole story

  • Finally, A Use Case For Blockchain

    She is speaking into a microphone, wearing a red sleeveless dress and a dramatic necklace. But wait -- why does she look so much ... Read the whole story