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Wednesday, February 12, 2020
  • Retailers Adding AI To Operations, Sales

    In operation areas, 29% of retailers use AI with 23% more planning to within the next year. Read the whole story

  • Amazon Celebrates Lovers, Romance Between Robots

    Amazon celebrates its workers -- humans and machines -- with stories of blossoming relationships. Romance between an Amazon Scout delivery device and a Robotics ... Read the whole story

  • Papa John's Uses Snapchat For Another Valentine's Day Campaign

    The pizza company got a big boost in ad awareness, along with sizable pizza sales, last year. It hopes to repeat its ad success. Read the whole story

  • FTC To Study Big Tech Acquisitions Since 2010

    The Federal Trade Commission will examine a decade's worth of tech company acquisitions that were too small to trigger antitrust scrutiny when they occurred. Read the whole story

  • SiriusXM Buys Stake In SoundCloud For $75 Million

    The audio platform will use the money for product development and upping current services. SoundCloud hosts 200 million+ unique tracks by 25 million creators ... Read the whole story

  • Launching Antitrust Investigation, FTC Wants Info On Big Tech's Smaller Deals

    Probe "likely will involve hundreds of transactions that never drew federal scrutiny because they were under the dollar-value threshold for antitrust review," says report. Read the whole story