• Teach Your Children Well
    App: ChorePal APPY Category: Family/Parenting Developer:  COUNTRY Financial/Solstice iTunesGoogle PlayWebsite Free Presented by COUNTRY Financial, ChorePal provides families a modern way to reward working together and saving to achieve goals. Parents can create and assign chores while rewarding kids for being responsible. As parents establish both  short- and long-term goals for their kids, they help to instill both the value of hard work as well as the basics of financial planning and what it means to save towards a specific …
  • Forgot Your Password?
    APP: Dashlane APPY Category: Online Privacy/Security Developer: Dashlane iTunesGoogle PlayWebsite Free The average user has over 150 accounts across multiple devices. That is a lot to remember. And, as there were 2.6 Billion online accounts breached last year, having unique passwords across all your accounts is mandatory for security but impossible to …
  • Up And Far Away From Airport Lines
    Flexjet Developer:  ArcTouch iTunesWebsite Free F
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