• Meet our Jury!
     We are thrilled to have such a great group of industry experts judging the Appy's! Read more each juror here.
  • Your LAST CHANCE for Fame & Glory
    Don't miss your chance to win an Appy Award. Today, Friday April 25, is your LAST day to enter!Good luck and we'll see you at the party at Internet Week!
  • This App Will Make You a Better Person
    Nowadays, with our hectic lives and demanding schedules, it's so easy to get swamped with the trivial and overlook the important. We rush to places without noticing anything or anyone around, or how beautiful the world is. Wish there was someone to remind us once in a while that, or motivate when we're feeling down? Hooray technology - there is an app for that! Karmic is an application that inspires. It reminds users to be kind to themselves and to others around them.
  • Thank You for the Music, Internet
    My obsession with music started early. It all began with a Fischer Price record player and Michael Jackson, progressed to a boombox where I wore out Greetings from Asbury Park (you could actually hear one side of the tape through the other!), evolved into the 10,000 Maniacs on my new cd player and then...the Internet happened! Can we please pause for a moment to remember the Napster that once was
  • Your Bird Watching Problems, Solved
    Hey bird fan! You know who you are. Gazing at those mesmerizing feathery creatures in Central Park, wondering what they're called, aren't cha? Let "Merlin" unveil the mystery! Served by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, bird ID is a sheer breeze now. And here is how it works. Tell Merlin when and where you saw the bird, what it looked like, and what it was doing. And, bam! Merlin will show you the most likely species by tapping into... yes you got it... eBird, a database with millions of sightings from birders around the world. Now, go get yourself a …
  • Final Deadline Extension -- April 25
    Procrastinators, you can now breathe a sigh of relief! The entry deadline has been extended to Friday, April 25. This is the final extension, so make sure to get your entries in.Good Luck! Love, Your Friends at the Appy Awards
  • The Travel App Locals Don't Want You To See
    Tasty Travel Tips from TRUFFLE I love traveling and the planning process leading up to a big trip. Visiting a bookstore (the few that still exist) to purchase travel books for my destination and hunkering down with a cup of coffee to bookmark all of the must-sees is a great weekend activity for me. Unfortunately I've been let down by more than a few travel books, not realizing until I'm at my destination that the author is not to my liking (in terms of their recommendations). I had a rather unfortunate Rick Steves experience in Prague, so much so that …
  • Thinking of giving up on #selfies?
    Thinking of giving up on #selfies? This app may change your mind! I just discovered CamMe - an amazing and FREE photography app that perfects the art of the selfie and highlights the evolution of app technology. CamMe recognizes hand gestures as cues to snapping the picture (arm length is no longer an issue!). To activate the camera, all you need to do is raise and close your hand. Simple. Your phone can be positioned from 12 inches to 12 feet away, perfect for the singleton selfie or a family photo. The app also includes fun features such as a …
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