• How Vungle Went From London To Silicon Valley
    How exactly did Vungle, a mobile advertising startup, makes its way from London to Silicon Valley? After seeing an ad saying there was one spot left in "AngelPad's batch," a pair of teenagers - Jack Smith and Zain Jaffer - launched a daring pitch in an attempt to get the last spot.
  • RockYou Moves to San Francisco
    RockYou, a social gaming company, last week relocated from Redwood City to San Francisco. The struggling company reportedly cut over 100 employees last year after large layoffs in October 2010.
  • Coke and Ford Believe in Ads on Facebook
    Ford Motor Co. and Coca-Cola Co will both expand their advertising campaigns on Facebook. The support from Ford and Coke comes at a good time for Facebook. Ever since General Motors stopped advertising on the website, Facebook has had to answer critisim over the effectivness of its ads.
  • Michael Barrett Joins Yahoo as CRO
    Yahoo announced Monday that Michael Barrett will lead their advertising sales team as chief revenue officer.
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