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Yahoo Set For Management Reorg

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is set to announce a dramatic management reorganization this week, Kara Swisher reports. According to several unnamed sources, U.S. Audience SVP Jeff Dossett has also been working on an overall change in how Yahoo makes and delivers content that could be announced this week, as well.

Under the plan, Yahoo's media unit would be split into three parts: vertical programming, network programming and search monetization. It's unclear whether Yahoo will keep its traditional structure of having power GMs lead each of these units, Swisher said. However, product development for individual media properties like news, sports and finance are set to be moved to a central location at Yahoo HQ in Sunnyvale, Calif, the sources said. Swisher notes that these units had previously been located in Santa Monica, Calif. The idea here is that centralizing product development saves money, eliminates redundancies, and accelerates growth.

Those opposed to the idea think it's wrong to separate the development of a product from the programming, because the two are entirely dependent on one another. In any event, Dossett will remain head of the media division, but there is a lot of speculation about who will lead the individual units. Answers should be forthcoming this week.



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