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Micro-Blogging Impact On SEO

Nofollow is dying, according to Will Critchlow. He makes the statement to discuss the impact on SEO and the evolving use of the Web. Similar to the way blogging, commenting and trackbacks forced search engines strategies to change, Critchlow believes we have begun to see similar shifts prompted by Twitter and the ability to send short, quick messages to many people simultaneously.

"Many people have a greater reach on Twitter than they do via their blog and they certainly have more tools to make it easy to post thoughts, discoveries and questions," Critchlow writes. In the post he explores the explosion of publishing on third-party platforms, and increasing use of nofollow for a range of purposes. So, don't discard nofollows just yet. He asserts "some of the most 'valuable' links on the internet at the moment are nofollow," and provides examples to use them effectively.



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