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Thought Leaders Discuss SEO's Future

  • aimClear, Wednesday, March 25, 2009 3:30 PM
What lies ahead for black-hat and white-hat SEO, dynamic delivery, Flash, Google index updates, and universal search? Manny Rivas summarizes a panel discussion of "thought leaders" during Search Engine Strategies 2009 in New York. The blog format, a bit choppy, offers good information on whether search engines want to teach crawlers to spot h1 tags, and how to inform clients about conversions, referrals and analytics.

Microsoft's Duane Forrester, who participated in the panel, still believes "wholeheartedly" the basic elements of textbook SEO are "critical, and the bigger the site the sooner you have to nail it. You're gonna have a major issue if you don't," Rivas writes.

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