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How He Got A Link From CNN

Not an easy feat, but David Ciccarelli secured a link from CNN. Better yet, he provides insight on "how to get the link" in seven steps. Most of the content is common sense, but each step offers a reminder on the tie between building relationships and SEO.

Ciccarelli writes that he's been experimenting with a hybrid approach, a cross between public relations and SEO. The simple act of requesting links from writers, journalists and bloggers when contacted to comment in an article can help build your repertoire of links.

"'It's better to be on page 2 in the editorial than on page 7 as an advertisement,'" Ciccarelli writes, referring to something his dad always says. "This advice has been the guiding principle when it comes to the public relations strategy at In fact, I've proven this to be so effective in public relations that I've applied it to SEO as well."



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