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Optimizing SuperTweets

If you are frustrated with the character-count limitations on Twitter, read this post by Edward Lewis, who has found a way to increase the number of characters a tweet can hold. While Twitter limits viewable tweet to 140 characters, the maximum is 250, he writes. Lewis spent time experimenting with SuperTweets and the indexing potential. He writes that everyone can see the first 140 characters, so that's where you want to insert the important message. Save the last 110 characters for additional information, "back loading."

Lewis steps through the process to disable JavaScript, in order to bypass the 140-character limitation. "With JavaScript off, you can construct a 250 Character SuperTweet and click the Update button," he writes. All 250 characters also display on many mobile devices, but he notes that you consume "2 API calls when you view the full 250 characters."

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