UnComfortably Numb

Last week, my cable provider, Comcast, stuffed my monthly biller with a 14-paged, weathered-white and dull-blacked, densely worded brochure (7 front and back) alerting me to "Customer Privacy Notice for Cable Television, High-Speed Internet and Phone Services."

This informative piece of literature (see here for PDF) was divided into the following non-paginated, accordioned sections which opened with "Why is Comcast providing this notice to me?":

  • Collection

    *What kind of information does this notice apply to?

    * For what purposes may Comcast collect personally identifiable information and CPNI?

    * What kind of personally identifiable information and CPNI does Comcast collect?

    *What kind of information do you collect if I use interactive or transactional services?

  • Use



    *How does Comcast use personally identifiable information and CPNI

  • Disclosure

    *Under what circumstances may Comcast disclose personally identifiable information to others?

    *To whom may Comcast disclose personally identifiable information?

    *When may Comcast disclose personal information to others in connection with phone service?

    *When is Comcast required by law to disclose personally identifiable information and CPNI by law?

    *How does Comcast protect personally identifiable information?

    *How long does Comcast maintain personally identifiable information?

  • Customer Access and Choice

    *How can I see my personally identifiable information or CPNI and correct it, if necessary?

    *How do I give or withhold my approval for Comcast to use CPNI to market additional products and services to me?

    *How do I place myself on Comcast's "do not call" and "do not mail" lists?

    *What e-mail communications will Comcast send to me and how do I manage them?

    *What can I do if I think my privacy rights have been violated?

    *Will Comcast notify me if it changes this notice?

    *How do I contact Comcast?


    "hello... hello... hello

    is there anybody in there

    just nod if you can hear me

    is there anyone at home"

    Mr. Floyd

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    1. Jim Dugan from PipPops LLC, April 14, 2009 at 4:12 p.m.

      Funny, Mitch - good chuckles ~

    2. Susan Stoll from stoll media, April 15, 2009 at 12:53 a.m.

      Way at the end is what you want --the Do Not Call & Do not e-mail info you want, to shut down the unwanted communications- -

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