Super Bowl XXXV Match Up

  • by January 23, 2001
What's more exciting than watching the New York Giants and The Baltimore Ravens compete in Super Bowl XXXV? The answer is Super Bowl commercials.

Super Bowl viewers are not only fans of touchdowns, but they also score big with the Super Bowl's television advertising sponsors, according to the latest Scarborough Sports Marketing study.

"Dot com" and technology companies investing in this year's Super Bowl Sunday TV spots - - such as and - - should score a field goal with well over half (58%) of Super Bowl watchers* having Internet access at home or at work. Almost half (49%) of people who were planning to look for a new job watched the Super Bowl. Tech companies like Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless can call in a play with over half (55%) of Super Bowl viewers owning a cell phone and 12% planning to purchase one in the next year.

And, don't forget about the food and beverages advertisers! Super Bowl watchers love their beverages with more than one-third consuming regular domestic beer (36%) and one-fourth enjoying imported beer (25%) in the past month. Anheuser-Busch, a major event advertiser, has quenched some of that thirst with nearly one-third (32%) of game watchers drinking any of their beers in the past 30 days. Pepsi-Cola Co. satisfied some parched fans with 44% having enjoyed a Pepsi-branded soda in the past week.



Subway Restaurants better stock up! Over one-fifth of Super Bowl viewers (22%) have consumed Subway sandwiches in the past 30 days. Adding to the mix, Frito-Lay shouldn't feel ruffled with one-fifth purchasing pretzels, chips and/or popcorn in the past 30 days.

What about the economic power of Super Bowl watchers? Companies, such as Mastercard and Visa, advertising this Sunday will be happy to hear that the viewers frequently use their credit cards. Over all, more than three-quarters (79%) have used a credit card in the past three months, including Visa (57%), Mastercard (36%) and American Express (11%). Financial services companies, such as E-Trade and Charles Schwab, score big with Super Bowl watchers with two-thirds owning investments and 40% holding stocks/options. If last year's Super Bowl viewer is any indication, almost 58% of people whom use online investing or stock trading are estimated to watch the big game.

Movie studios, such as Sony Pictures and MGM, will continue to entertain Super Bowl watchers even after this weekend. 44 million people or 60% of Super Bowl viewers attend new movies in the theater with almost one-fifth (18%) attending in the first two weeks of a new movie opening.

"Despite the decline and hype of 'dot com' advertisers for Super Bowl XXXV, online companies that have invested in the event are targeting an appropriate viewer," said Howard Goldberg, vice president, Scarborough Sports Marketing. "Super Bowl viewers are more likely than the average consumer to use the Internet. Also, Internet companies have a reputation for clever commercials and it see

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