InWindow Media Bows Snickers Campaign

Snickers Snickers has tapped Inwindow Outdoor to produce eye-catching digital displays in storefronts that complement its national ad campaign, featuring puns and amusing slogans touting the candy bar in Snickers font.

The new Inwindow Outdoor component, covering a vacant storefront at Seventh Avenue and 50th Street, includes a 42-inch 3D-enabled projection of various catchphrases from the Snickers campaign. The digital out-of-home display was created in cooperation with Destination Media Group, Alioscopy USA and Helios.

Inwindow Outdoor displays incorporate other unusual technologies to grab the attention of passersby.

One example is a motion-detection system that invites users to control visual aspects of the displays by simple hand gestures. New and improved 3D technology has captured the imaginations of consumers, exhibitors and advertisers. A far cry from rudimentary 3D in the 1950s and 1960s, the new wave of 3D technology does not require special glasses or any other accessories for the consumer.



Another Inwindow Outdoor campaign, for Laika Entertainment's digitally animated movie "Coraline," emphasized the movie's spooky feel with large storefront displays in 14 locations in seven major U.S. cities, combining 3D, motion-sensing and other interactive technologies.

For example, ghost-like characters appeared to emerge from the screens and reach out to people. Passersby could also have digital images of their faces captured by the display and transformed into the weird beings of an alternative universe discovered by the movie's eponymous main character.

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