China Home To Over 22.5m Internet Users

  • by February 21, 2001
By the end of January 2001 there were over 22.5 million Internet users in China, according to a semi-annual study by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

Of the 22.5 million, 3.64 million Chinese use leased line connections, and 15.43 million are dial-up Internet users. The balance use both methods of Internet access.

The CNNIC study also found:

- Beijing is home to 23.42% of China's Web sites, while Gunagdong province hosts 14.24%, and Shanghai is the base for 10.61%;

- total international bandwidth from China is now 2,799 megabits per second;

- the majority of those surveyed were male (almost 70%), aged between 18 and 24 (41%), and had a bachelor's degree (39%);

- just over 60% of Internet users access the Net from home, and just under 44% log on at an office;

- average Internet use is 13.66 hours per week and e-mail is the most popular service;

- only 32% had purchased any goods online in the past year and just under 9% had bought something at an online auction. But as many as 15% never received goods paid for online.

Users surveyed overwhelmingly said that the biggest problem with Internet access in China is its lack of speed, followed by high prices.

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