Ten Things You Missed by Not Going to OMMA Social

My brain is still settling down after a revealing, relevant, and sometimes even raucous OMMA Social conference, which was held yesterday at the Crowne Plaza in New York. I have spent much of the day trying to clear out cobwebs and find a theme -- but, frankly, there were so many interesting factoids floating around, it's been hard to settle on one. Instead, I'm presenting ten things you missed by not going to OMMA Social:


  • That CNN actually prints T-shirts with the headline: "Woman faces jail after rescuing fawn."
  • That Six Flags does a special meme called #funnelcakefriday every Friday on Twitter.
  • That those on the OMMA Social mobile panel seem to have greater affection for the mobile Web than the iPhone. Why? More distribution.
  • That the term "social media campaign" is considered by some in the social media intelligentsia to be a faux pas.
  • That Vipin Mayar, MRM's EVP, Global Director of Data and Analytics, thinks that the Interactive Advertising Bureau's new social media metrics suffers from too many metrics.
  • That according to Ogilvy's John Bell, even looking at 20% of the 125 monitoring firms out there right now may want to make you blow your brains out.
  • That yesterday, from 9 to 3, Pump Energy Food, at 23rd and Park, was handing out free muffins and cookies -- if only I'd been following it on Twitter!
  • That Carrot Creative's Mike Germano is not allowed to tweet after 9 p.m. if he's been drinking, which, if you saw the raucous privacy panel, should be obvious.
  • That H&R Block has had an island on SecondLife.
  • That there may some great new social media platform out there that MTVN's Don Steele (not to mention the rest of us), is missing, and meanwhile thousands of people from our target markets are assembling there! 
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    I know that seems like a lot of flotsam and jetsam, and, to a certain extent, it is. On the other hand, I hope the above paints a picture of how vibrant the social media community is, and how full of things that have yet to be figured out. Thanks to all those who attended, and for those who couldn't, check out the #ommasocial tweets, or the Mediapost Live blog. We'll be posting video soon.

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    1. Hollis Guerra from Blast! pr, June 25, 2009 at 9:31 a.m.

      Thanks Catharine - I've sent these around as reasons why I shouldn't miss the next OMMA Social (and love that Mike Germano can't Tweet past 9 pm. I think that should be issued for some other Twitters!)

    2. Allan Hoving from AH Consulting, June 25, 2009 at 3:27 p.m.

      how about a MarketStrike live webcast next time?

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