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Advertisers Rooting For Bing

  • ClickZ, Friday, June 26, 2009 4 PM
Kevin Lee suggests brands are missing an opportunity to advertise on Microsoft's new search engine Bing. He writes that the level of competition in adCenter is lower than Google because fewer marketers have opened accounts. But click quality on Microsoft's search properties is "very good because it's virtually undiluted by syndication partners that can cause divergence in click quality and predictability of conversion."

Advertisers realize Microsoft has put a strong focus on commercial searches. It's evident by the development and integration into the search navigation of specific industry segments, such as travel. He calls attention to the nuances that make the site unique, such as floating a fare predictor into results when it's clear someone is looking for a flight. For local searches, Bing took a cue from Google and embedded a map in the SERP, he writes.



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