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DVR Ad Skipping Stymies Ad Execs

The ad industry feels threatened by ad-skipping DVRs but is still uncertain about what it can do to counteract the trend, per the DVR Research Institute

A new four-part report reveals that more than three-quarters of marketers and ad agency execs surveyed believe DVRs will hurt the effectiveness of TV advertising in the next three years and is the biggest challenge to the current ad model. About 26% of U.S. TV households subscribe to a DVR service.

But fears are inflated, says Tom Schultz, head of the DVR Research Institute. "Our calculations show a mere 5-6% of ads are being skipped on average. Within two years, ad-skipping will be closer to 16-18%, mainly for prime-time, and dramas," Schultz says. Nonetheless 75% media execs admitted they felt ill-equipped to make the tactical adjustments necessary to minimize DVR's impact.



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