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Travel Experts Laud Current Campaigns

With the constricted economy forcing consumers to pinch their travel dollars, cities, states and countries around the world are rolling out attention-getting ads and promotions to lure them to their destinations, Erin Galliher reports. And, as a rule, they are doing it very well, according to a panel of travel experts who convened to pick the 10 best campaigns in the category.

An old but ongoing standby, "Virginia Is For Lovers," takes the No. 10 spot. And the lamented Paul Hogan spots for Australia, which ran from 1984 to 1990, still command the No. 4 position. "The campaign humanized an entire country," says one of the judges, travel journalist Peter Greenberg. The other two panelists are Rudy Maxa, host of 'Rudy Maxa's World" and Tom Parsons, CEO of

The winner? Las Vegas' "What Happens Here Stays Here" (2003-ongoing). The raunchy, recently re-launched campaign is a very different effort than No. 2, the new, dialogue-free "Incredible India" spots that use spectacular photography and music to highlight the country's vibrancy. But that's what makes the world go round, you might say.



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