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Optimization For Real-Time Search

Dana Lookadoo, a guest on Bruce Clay's weekly podcast, SEM Synergy on, shared her recommendations on the strategies that make real-time search work for marketers. Some of the advice included "frontload your tweets with keywords," "put retweet references at the end," "include keywords in custom, shortened URLs," and "include keywords in hashtags," explains Virginia Nussey.

Tweets have their own page and own title tag. While Twitter generates these tags, users do have some control over what shows up, Nussey writes. She explains search marketer Edward Lewis wrote about his experiments with Twitter title tag optimization and found that the first 48 to 61 characters of a tweet are likely to show up in the Title tag. So, it's a good idea to include important keywords early in tweets to increase the chances they'll end up in the title, she writes.



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