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HuffPo Hires Axelrod's Son

No one ever accused the Huffington Post of nonpartisanship, but nepotism is a new one. The son of David Axelrod -- Barack Obama's Karl Rove -- has joined the liberal Huffington Post as editor of its new local edition in Denver, the third of a dozen planned sites that have already launched in New York and Chicago and will next target Los Angeles.

According to The Washington Post, 22-year-old Ethan Axelrod applied for the job, was interviewed by Arianna Huffington along with other candidates, and sealed the deal after submitting a mockup of the Denver home page. The site is expected to go live in September. David Axelrod, now a White House senior adviser, worked as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune until he quit in 1984 to help run a Senate campaign.



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